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01/28/12 10:11 PM #1    


Julie Thurlow (Brown)

Welcome to the forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

09/18/12 06:00 AM #2    


Julie Thurlow (Brown)

our 50th Reunion was the best!

09/18/12 09:43 AM #3    

Catherine (Kitsy) Morse (Wikkerink)

I just want to add my comments about the team who spent a lot of time to make the reunion such a success.  A  BIG thanks to Julie, Pat, Esther, Genelle, Janet, and, of course, Bill.  Thank you for the memories and I hope that the reconnections made will continue.


09/23/12 12:56 PM #4    

Melissa Jean Mills (Hall)

It was wonderful to see everyone who came. I so missed seeing Sherri Berkey and Sandy Lane! Sandy and I have had some lovely long talks on the phone since then. She's in a good place in her life, challenging, but good. I really want to see everyone next time and that can't come soon enough for me.

10/18/12 04:16 PM #5    

Patricia Lynn Jones (Decker)

Check out a few pictures that are being downloaded....more in the future.  The four I posted were taken on Friday at was a fun time.....a lot of comments about how it has changed, how we have changed and how glad we were that we had decided to come.   Thank goodness for name tags and the yearbooks. 

If you click on SHARE YOUR PHOTOS a page will come up with some of the pictures that have been posted.  If you were at the reunion and took pictures please consider posting them for all to see.


12/07/12 12:45 PM #6    

Catherine (Kitsy) Morse (Wikkerink)

To the reunion committee:

Thanks for the "memories"..................I received my book today and had fun going over all the pictures and reliving our wonderful weekend.  It will be treasured.

Thanks again for all your work,


04/29/13 08:55 AM #7    


Julie Thurlow (Brown)

Steve and I went to see  "Jersy Boys" last night at the 5th Avenue...It was a night of song and dance...It brought back so many memories of the great music we had.

11/09/13 10:13 PM #8    


Julie Thurlow (Brown)

Sammamish High School Construction Project

Design for New Sammamish High School

About the Project

Sammamish High School opened in 1959 and has undergone a number of additions and renovations over the life of the current building including the most recent addition of the 450 seat Performing Arts Center in 2005. 

Sammamish High School is a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) school as they were awarded a $5M grant to develop the STEM program for implementation at the school.  The new school is designed around the Performing Arts Center and the teaching spaces will vary in size and function to accommodate the STEM program.  The new instructional and support services spaces will be spread over three story structure and will also incorporate a new gymnasium and locker rooms.


Integrus Architecture – Seattle, WA


Spee West Construction – Edmonds, WA

Total Budget


Design for New Sammamish High School



11/10/13 02:31 PM #9    


Julie Thurlow (Brown)


Go Hawks!!!  Everyone was in "Beast Mode"

11/10/13 03:26 PM #10    

Robin Ruth Folger

I had my full size 12th Man flag flying today in Denver!  Now I am enduring the Bronco game!   Got back from Bavaria 2 weeks ago and now off to P.V Mexico for week with Joy (Joyce Bauer)  and two other girlfriends.  Joy's b-day is the 19th so we will celebrate.  Feeling great and life is good, all love, Robin

11/12/13 05:28 PM #11    

Robin Ruth Folger

Julie, not to be out done by Mr. Utley I would like to add another "funny".

Two Bellevue High School cheerleaders are sitting at the end of a pier on Meydenbauer Bay looking at a full moon on a clear evening.  One says to the other, "which do you think is closer, the moon or California?"   The other thinks for a moment and then exclaims.......duh, can you SEE California?"

08/24/14 03:35 PM #12    

Ruthanne Ruhlman (Beddoe)

So sorry to have missed this summer's reunion. A late flight from Philadelphia made it impossible. I'd love to see photos or hear stories of who was there and how fun it was. Anybody? . . .

08/24/14 06:53 PM #13    


Julie Thurlow (Brown)

Life has neem crazy since the picnic but I will try to get pictures from the picnic up soon.


02/16/16 02:00 PM #14    

Robin Ruth Folger

Julie, Just heard Bob Walters, Diane's husband had a stroke at home last April and passed.  He had not been well for some time.  I haven't spoken to Diane yet, left a call.  Please post this.  All is well in Denver, Robin



06/01/16 11:44 AM #15    

Lawrence Lee Leppert

To Wolf Ruetz,

I've read about the floods in Bavaria.  It looks like the worst is north of you, on the Inn, but hope it's OK where you are.



06/02/16 06:58 AM #16    

Wolfhard Fred Ruetz

Hi Larry, all is well with us. We live 60 meters above the Salzach River, so no problems. We did get over 5 inches of rain within 36 hours and many culverts were plugged, backing the water like a dam and within minutes the "dam" broke causing the severe damage in Simbach. Thanks for writing. Wolf

06/08/16 08:26 PM #17    

Lawrence Lee Leppert

I found this picture online of Wolf's home town, Laufen, in Bavaria.  Isn't it a shame some people have to live like this?


P.S.  Laufen is on the far side of the river.  On the left, across the bridge is the town of Oberndorf, Austria, where Silent Night (Stille Nacht) was first played.



09/29/17 07:37 PM #18    

Leslie Stewart

A big thank you to Julie, Bill, and others that made the 55th a fun gathering!!!!

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